Welcome to the CryptoVoter-BTCS edition for Bitcoin-sCrypt altcoin [beta].

CryptoVoter voting software is developed by Blockchain Innovation Labs, Inc.

We are cryptographic currency developers looking to decentralize cryptocoin development through a blockchain-based voting system that would allow for decentralized objective consensus on development related issues and more. CryptoVoter works by creating special vanity Bitcoin addresses corresponding with published question-answer pairs. This newly created special vanity Bitcoin address ("vanity voting address") is imported into the user's wallet allowing them to send coins to themselves to publicly register votes.

We have spent the last year developing and alpha-testing our blockchain voting system and decided the best way to spread decentralized consensus was to release the voting client under a strong copyleft open-source license for all fellow open-sourcers to use. At the same time, we will be offering a separate commerical license for those unwilling or unable to abide by the strict open-source requirements.

By offering different licensing options, Blockchain Innovation Labs supports giving options to open-source developers and commercial entities to pursue different product strategies. Specifically CryptoVoter is offered under a commercial license for proprietary uses and is also offered open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License, either version 3 of the License (AGPLv3) or (at your option) any later version, which requires any software derived from or using CryptoVoter to also be released open source under the same AGPLv3. In order to develop and use the CryptoVoter blockchain voting client, you must adhere to the obligations and definitions required by the AGPLv3. If you cannot adhere to the rules of the open-source license, a commercial license is required to use the product.

A copy of the AGPLv3 can be found with the CryptoVoter blockchain voting client source-code and can also be found online: http://www.gnu.org/licenses.

The CryptoVoter open-source code can be found here: CryptoVoter Client Source Code

For more information:info@cryptovoter.cominfo@thebcilabs.com
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